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This page contains brief excerpts. Each link goes to the full letter. If you have a testimonial to submit, send it to Dennis.

Rob Regan CFP “I had suffered back pain for thirty years. In a few weeks the pain was gone. That was over a year ago . . .”
Nelson Atkinson “Suffering from a herniated disk, I had tried Chiropractic, Acupuncture and even an epidural injection. Then I visited Back In Power via a recommendation from a very good friend. After the first visit, I felt relief. After the second visit . . .”
Phil E. VanSwoll “You have made a new man out of me, and I cannot recommend your services highly enough. I wish your facility had been available to me years ago . . .”
Dr. Alan D. Brast ". . . I am not willing to give endorsements lightly, but this program is phenomenal."
Gilbert Cruz ". . . I had lower back problems for more than 8 years . . . Thank you so much for helping me feel better. . ."
Lenore D. Green "I am a 63 year old woman who has had osteoporosis and arthritis in the hips for 10 years. . . I would advise anyone with hip or back problems (or who simply want to avoid future problems) to visit Back in Power . . . This therapy works!"
Ken Madsen

"I have been working out for years. Going to the gym or working out at home 4 to 5 days a week. Even with all the exercise and weight training I have done, I would still hurt my back working around the house or pull my hamstring playing softball . . . In just a few months working with Dennis, I noticed absolutely incredible results . . . The Back In Power approach has been amazing."

Richard K. Yee "Back in 1994, I herniated the disc between L4 and L5 in my lower back. The pain I suffered debilitated me . . . I elected to have back surgery in 1996. The recuperation process was slow, lasting over a year with occasional painful set backs even when I was careful. . . In late 2006, I met Dennis Beckman of Back In Power. . . I am much stronger overall now. I feel more energized throughout the day . . ."
German Lopez

"Back in 1992, I had a back injury that herniated L4 & L5 discs . . . Managing the pain . . . has been a challenge over the years. But then I found "Back In Power" . . . WOW! what a difference . . . the results are just phenomenal. I have never felt so strong in years, even before my injury . . ."

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